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The Dung Beeetle

The Dung Beetle

the Dim Sim

Space Cadet
The SS
The MP3

Steamed Dumpling

Steamed Dumpling

Mystery Board




Custom-shaped for you

At MORE Surfboards we have several models which we know work and we know exactly what surfer and wave type they perform best for but in saying that, these by no means are all we can do. The designs can be modified and customised to suit and 99% of all boards we create here at MORE are true customs with specific measurements used to suit the surfers needs as well as the option to use different materials such as EPS foams, epoxy resins and also different artwork options from resin tints, fabric inlays, paints and sprays. We can create just about any board you want, so flick me an email or give me a call, I'd be stoked to have a chat about your next board,


  • Is your shaper in the water every day fine tuning his designs so his customers get the best boards possible?
  • Does he ride any and every kind of surfboard so he has a broad knowledge of all designs?
    Does your shaper surf a variety of waves and know what works in those different waves?
  • Does your shaper have a group of surfers of varying skill levels to work with and get feedback from to help constantly improve his shapes?
  • Is your shaper always trying new stuff so he can learn as much as possible and pass on that knowledge to you , the customer?
  • Do you talk directly to your shaper when ordering a new board or is it a salesman or even worse, do you just fill in a form?
  • Does your shaper watch you surf if possible?
  • Does your shaper look at your current boards and discuss every detail to ensure you get what you want from a new board?
  • Does your shaper get stoked to hear the board is working well?
  • Does your shaper send you phots of your board as it is being created so you can be involved and share the stoke?
  • Does your shaper genuinely want to make you great boards or are you just another name on an order form?

Custom Shapes For $590