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Mark Pridmore has been around surfboards since he was born. He spent the first few years of his childhood on the floor of his Dad's surfshop. So surfing and surfboards are in his blood and a way of life. He is enthusiatic and passionate about designing and creating the best possible board specific to you. He prides himself on it and his reputation and livelihood depend on it.

Now based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Mark started shaping in 1987, shaping a few boards for himself and mates which evolved into a few underground backyard labels, then he worked for Wave Zone surfboards before starting the MORE Surfboards label in 2007 in Yamba, NSW. His father Robert worked for Cowley surfboards in the early '70s in Redcliffe and Sunshine Coast, also for labels Sunshine and Candleworks, so there's two generations of knowledge going into every MORE board.

“I believe that a custom designed surfboard is the best way to get what you truly need and every surfer has individual requirements when it comes to their ideal board. There are so many variables to consider when designing a custom board such as weight, height, skill level, fitness, waves intended to be surfed and what the surfer wants out of the board, that it is impossible to do the job properly without first getting all the customer’s information.”

This kind of hands-on experience also means Mark can shape you anything from a 4’ mini-Simmons style board to a retro fish to a high-performance modern shortboard to a semi-gun to a longboard and anything in between. Finless, singles, twins, thrusters, quads or five-fins, you name it.

There are certainly "named models” in the MORE range. Mark has refined these models over the years and knows the combinations of plan shape, rockers, fins, bottom contours and all the other elements work together.

It's important to note that while these models usually form the basis of most of the custom boards he shapes, every board is personalised to the customer's requirements through an extensive pre-order process.

“I will go into detail to find out as much information as required to enable myself to confidently design you the board that will best suit you. Some shapers will talk for five minutes and get your height and weight and the length of board you want, then that's it, see you in 3-4 weeks with your hard-earned cash. Not at MORE, I will have a discussion with you about every facet of your surfing requirements from your current board, waves you surf, to your level of ability.”

Mark will keep you in the loop the entire way through the process, sending photos and email updates to you to keep the stoke going and keeping you involved.

Head to our Boards section to get straight into the good stuff, but remember, Mark is only a phone call away on 0405 475 026.

He actually enjoys a good chat about boards and when you call, you'll know you're in the hands of someone who knows his stuff - a guy who loves surfboards and would be stoked to discuss your next board.