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The ‘SS’ is a high performance thruster design I have worked on with my team rider, Shorty, hence the name SS ( stands for Shortys Shorty ). I have been working closely and making subtle changes to his past 6 or 7 boards til we got them going exactly how he likes em. They are a high performance shape that can be pushed hard and driven thru carving turns or can also be also surf vertically from top to bottom. Getting the rocker / planshape combination perfect was the key, so this board has a great blend of drive and manouverability. A subtle bit of extra width thru the nose and centre means its stable and paddles well but also assists in the slower fatter sections... Single to double concaves and a slightly pulled in rounded pin , forgiving rails thru the front but super hard and edgy in the tail...Generally ridden about 2” taller than the surfer...this one is 5’10” x 19” x 2 7/16” and a volume of 27.7 ltrs. I recommend the SS to surfers who ride alot of average- good beachbreaks and want just a little extra stability and easy planing but definitely dont want anything fishy or alternative, this is a real performance surfboard. The SS surfer wants to rip and do serious surfing with a bit of power and aggression thrown in. Customised to suit the individual as always.