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The 'Space-Cadet' sits at the top end of the range when it come to high performance and progressive surfing. This shape is a favourite of my young team riders who have also played a big part in testing and supplying feedback to make it what it is today. I have worked on getting the planshape just right so it has sufficient planing area to surf well in average and smallish waves but not too much that it will hinder the impressive responsiveness and ease of turning. This thruster can be enjoyed from knee high to well overhead. With a smooth and gradual rocker there is a good speedy flow to this design and a perfect blend of drive and manouverability. Single to double concaves compliment the planshape and the slightly wider tails allow for some radical in and above the lip surfing whilst not being 'too loose' , it's a fast and lively sled so if ya up for a quick and whippy shape to tear some waves apart, this might be for you....

Here is Jake Vincent blowing up on his 6’0” E-CON Space-Cadet

This is a 5’7” x 18” x 2 1/8” Space-Cadet for team rider, Kale. This one’s almost identical as his previous 2 boards so he is obviously happy with them. On this one we have used a slightly lighter density foam and glassed it light with a 1 x 6 oz deck and 1 x 4 bottom. A simple clean shape for progressive surfing in small – overhead waves. Light and lively for maximum manouverability and performance...