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This board is basically a mini-simmons which was a design the late Bob Simmons did in the 50's ( hence the SIM in 'dim-SIM' ). My modernised version has been tweaked to perform for todays surfing and is a rediculously fun surfboard. They may look like a cross between a kneelboard and a bodyboard but they sure dont surf like that. These things out-perform the traditional fish and they never cease to amaze me with their capabilities. They are ridden really short , wide and thick for exaple, I am 5'9" and I ride a 5'3" , but each board is still customised for the individuals needs. These love a bit of a wall and the ideal wave is a running 2-5ft wave with a bit of push to it, they arent grovellers but still surf quite well in the small stuff. You have probably seen a few of these around the beaches recently and with good reason, these little slabs are super fun.
The 'dim-SIM' is a twin keel with flat entry into a slowly deepening single concave that gets serious between the fins and out the tail.They might look a little odd but they are just so enjoyaable to ride, if interested, please contact me...

Click on the pic below to watch the shaper discuss the dim-Sim

Custom-shaped to your requirements

This a 5'2" dim-SIM I shaped for Sharon Jackson. It's pretty much a copy of the traveller ( or take-away dim-SIM as its been called ), she liked the traveller that much she ordered one exactly the same dimensions. We've got some really nice hand foiled twin keels by master fin maker, Phil Way, it's been glassed light with a 4 oz bottom and 1 layer of 6 oz on the deck. It seems silly to make them too heavy coz I want them lively and responsive for maximum performance, but we glass them however the customer wants, after all, they are all custom made.

This is mine and its 5'3" x 21" x 2 3/4" , with super sweet twin keels , I really likethis board and I find myself riding it in just about any conditions, it really handles decent sized waves well and it also fits into the boot of your car.....