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We enjoy making and riding all types of surf craft and that definitely includes longboards. They are great fun especially on a nice point or when the waves are a bit small or full. We can create you a very light high performance board to throw around or the MORE traditional and usually heavier and cruisier version or anything in between....

Longboards and mini-mals


This is a longboard that I have been shaping a few of, and customers are really loving them. It was spawned from customers that were riding logs but wanted better turning off the tail, so they could still do a decent turn once they have built up all that trim speed, so I have designed this with extra tail kick, extra double concaves that blend into vee out the tail and also given the tail much more of a performance rail shape, and this creates a easier turning and free-er feeling board off the tail, but still quite a typical noserider in the front half of the board...they go good and eat up little point runners....doing them as a single only and with a big 12” box so you can move the fin quite a bit to adjust manouverability ...,mp


The B.O.B is a longboard design I have worked on to create a longboard that offers quite a good nose-rider while aslo being very manouverable . The rocker and bottom contours mean when you are up on the nose it holds well and can be nose-ridden with ease, and the tail rocker and contours thru the tail end of the B.O.B make it very responsive for a board of this length ( usually 9’0”-9’1” but can be customised to any length ). B.O.B stands for Bluff Or Beachies ( Bluff being a local soft point wave ) or it can be for Best Of Both ( being best design elements of both Nose riding and performnce longboarding ). The B.O.B is proving to be quite a good all-rounder for many surfers of varying skill levels. Its generally ridden as a single fin of about 7-8” (depending on the waves and surfer ) with approximately 3’s as side fins but these are also customised for the surfers requirements. The B.O.B isnt just another run of the mill longboard with not alot of design thought put into it, this ones had alot of thought and design put into it and it shows in the performance of the board....

In this little vid, you can see the B.O.B model in action in some small clean waves, ridden by Paul Jones

This is a 9'1" x 22 1/4" x 2 3/8" high performance longboard I have recently shaped for team rider, Sharon Jackson. Sharon wanted a light and easy-to-throw-around board for comps, but also so she could still get up on the nose occasionally. The board is going to be ridden on the points of Noosa and The Bluff but also on the beachies around the Sunshine Coast. The bottom shape is single concave to double with quite a bit of vee out the back. The rails are very soft thru the front end but get very boxy in the tail and the edges are kept extremely sharp and hard in the tail area. I don't ride a longboard very often but when I held this under my arm, it definitely made me wanna give it a go....



This is an 8ft Quad longboard called "The LiQuadEighter", its obviously 8ft and is designed for performance surfing. Quads are great for longerboards and give you even more speed plus plenty of manouverability, especially when you can fine tune the fin set up with the FCS plugs. I like to glass them light so they are very lively in small and weaker waves and easy to throw around for a board thats 8 ft. Rocker is a touch more than your standrad 8ft longboard but then again, this isnt a standard board, everything is designed to perform. Concaves are single to double and fairly deep to maximise their benefits, the bat-tail is for bite while still maintaining stability in the tail area, so if you are looking for a fun and different board and a bit sick of the norm, then the LiQuadEighter might just be for you.....

This is an 8' 8" Swinger longboard, its a round tail quad and is a super fun design. The flyer allows a much more performance designed tail with more curve in planshape and narrower where the board turns from but while still having the width up front where it needs to be, the best of both worlds really.The double concave start shallow but gets quite deep thru the quad fins then fades into a little vee out the back. A design that pushes what you can do on a board of this length. Glassed light for maximum liveliness and response.

Mini-Mals are a great shape for alot of surfers, they are great learning boards but can also be alot of fun when its small and you need a bigger board to get you onto the waves, a very handy board to have in the quiver for sure. This is a 7'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4", thruster, single to double concave with glass on fins. A very user friendly board but still with the ability to lay down some solid turns. Glassed with a 4 oz bottom and a 1 x 6 0z and 1 x 4 oz deck for a little extra strength without making it too heavy.

Here are some MORE pics of a recently shaped 9'1 , high performance, diamond tail. 9'1 x 21 7/8" x 2 5/8"

This board was custom designed for a young guy who was riding another longboard that was just too heavy and sluggish through turns and he has just started competing in a few longboard events and really wanted a board to allow him to do all the progressive manouvers. What we did is refine the whole board, 2 5/8 is pretty thin for a 9'1 but there is plenty of foam there so floatation is not a problem, but we have made it a lot more sensitive and responsive. We added a single concave scoop under the nose to assist in nose riding, then a subtle single feeding a double concave feeding the fin area, then blends into a bit of vee out the back to help getting it up on rail more easily. It has quite a bit of rocker but it is smooth and gradual with a bit of extra kick in the tail to make it turn a bit sharper on rail and just allow the progressive turns the customer wants to do. Also added a diamond tail to shorten the rail length to also make it a bit easier to throw around and combined with a soft and forgiving rail that gets very crisp and edgy at the tail and a lightweight glass job , we ended up with a very high performance 9'1....