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The MYSTERY BOARD is where the customer hands over total creative control to me, the designer/shaper. I have had several people request this from me lately and the results have been excellent, so I am going to make it an option for all my customers now. Obviously, I will still need some good information from you ( the customer ), but the design and dimensions will be left totally up to me. I have the best knowledge of each and every shape and model that I do,so I am totally confident of creating you a suitable and extremely enjoyable board. It may be a total custom shape, a hybrid design, or tweaked model, possibly a new prototype model that’s yet to be released or whatever I believe will be genuinely the best shape for you and your needs...If there’s certain shapes or fin set-ups you dont like, you can give me this info and we’ll discuss things, but you wont know what you are getting until it arrives...this will not appeal to everyone, but I know there’s people out there who would be right into this.., the surprise and the total stoke when getting the MYSTERY sled, they do mystery bets, mystery flights and mystery hotels, so why not surfboards...flick me an email or gimme a call to discuss further...,