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nOt nORMal


nOt nORMal " is my side project, it is all about being totally creative to make alternative surf craft. This is for those surfers open minded enough to ride surf craft that are not mainstream in any way. Its about always taking the most creative option in design whilst still ensuring it is a fully FUNctional craft. I'll be creating asymetrical surfboards, finless surfboards, belly-boards,hand-planes and anything else that's different enough to be classed as 'nOt nORMal '...this desire to be crea...tive will hopefully flow into the colouring of the boards too, wether its me doing the art, or getting an artist to go wild on it, or if you want to do your own art...its a very creative realm for people who wish to enjoy the waves on something that's totally not the norm...nuthin mainstream and mass produced or sterile here, put some creativity into the surf craft you ride....
* these are not surfboards, these are STRESS REDUCING, REALITY ESCAPING , FUN MACHINES *

Mark PridMORE


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nOt nORMalnOt nORMal

nOt nORMalnOt nORMal

nOt nORMalnOt nORMal

nOt nORMalnOt nORMal

nOt nORMalnOt nORMal

nOt nORMalnOt nORMalnOt nORMal