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The Dung Beetle

The Dung Beetle


This is a super high-volume small wave design. Its definitely influenced by the ‘dim-SIM’ ( mini-simmons style boards ) but has had some modifications to make it super fun in the tiny stuff. The Dung-Beetle is that board that you’d ride when its usually time to grab a mal or even forget surfing altogether...When its tiny, you got to have volume so I make them with alot of foam.You need planing area too, so I’ve made it quite wide and with a pretty full nose and wide tail. You wanna go fast, so I have kept the rocker flat and gone with the 5 fin set-up but they are mostly ridden as the quad, or quad with Nubbin. I’ve also added a funky tail shape which combines a diamond tail ( to shorten rail length which helps with tighter turns on a flat rockered board ) but also removed some area with the curves of the bat-tail, and these also add some bite in turns ( as well as looking pretty lethal too )...I usually ride 31-32 ltr boards but my Dung Beetle is 39-40 ltrs and its going insane and has actually made me enjoy surfing small soft waves again...if you dont wanna ride a longboard in the small stuff, try one of these...The Dung Beetles enjoy eating up the crap waves.....

click the pic below to see a short clip on ‘the Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle


Here’s a recent review from a customer on his custom Dung Beetle -

The first thing people tend to say when they see this board is , either,,,, · “What is THAT!!!!! ” I respond with “the perfect
board for Sunny Coast surf” · or “Nice Mini Simmons.” This one is a little harder to respond to….. cause it’s
sort of like a Mini Sim but it isn’t…… Mark summed it up but saying “they are from the same family but are not the
same species”. The dung beetle is like the nutty cousin who no one really knows how to handle.

So what is it like to surf?

In really small waves it’s like a magnet, to waves and surfers. Waves, cause you just paddle for and catch anything,
making speed where you have no real right to be making it, nice carving round houses in even a hint of a wall, and throwing it up
into little lips whenever one is game enough to pop up in front of you. A magnet to people, cause they seem to see you catching waves
making speed and doing turns and think that your bank must be doing it better than theirs and you go from a little bank to yourself to
having dudes paddle around you all over the shop. In waves from waist to just over head it’s just perfect, as long as you get your foot right
back over the back fins then it just flies. If it gets overhead it can actually surprise you, there was a period a few weeks when I was waiting on my space cadet and I surfed the Dung Beetle in everything, so I’ve really tested its limits. There were some times when faster bottom turns were a little hair raising and the wide tail made for one or two red faced moments but I did some of the best carving backhand gouges I have ever done in my life. Overall this board has been so much fun, and I know one board shaper that’s been sniffing around wanting me to trade it in for a few months now, he’s got Beetle envy.

Final word, use the right fins, I tried several different sets but once I had the DVS Quad Keels the board came to life....