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The Steamed Dumpling


The Dumpling is back...well after many requests and enquiries I thought it had to come back, but I couldnt just bring it back the same, I had to tweak and improve as always, so here it it, the new and improved Dumpling, called, ‘the Steamed Dumpling’....its very similar but I have made it a touch narrower for better rail to rail surfing, little less area up in the nose for tighter surfing and to make it handle steeper and suckier waves better.., also got my bevelled MORElease rails from the flyer back, ..can come with many different tail shapes depending on ya liking but this ones a diamond tail to shorten the rail length a bit ....this ones also got a sick “Pshyco-delic inlay”, just some cool trippy graphics I am doing a few of recently,..dims of this baby are – 5’7” x 20” x 2 1/2”, volume = 31.9 ltrs
Just another super FUNctional design for those average days to make ya surfing time even MORe enjoyable...yewwwwwww.....,mp

Steamed DumplingSteamed Dumpling