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The Quadfather is a quad finned board with extra stability and volume for those who dont want to struggle on overly refined shortboards. The QF is a high performance shape but I have discreetly squeezed in some additional volume and make it an easy board to ride. The QF loves the tube, it drives down the line with tons of speed, it drives hard through carving rail turns, it handles late drops with ease and it paddles great so your wave count will be up. The combo of the round tail, the bottom contours, the rocker and the chosen fin placement and template ensure these babies manouver extremely well, these are not slidey and loose in the tail like some quads, these are are great all rounder. Many customers have been frothing over these as step-up boards and they have been getting glowing reports after being ridden in Indo and Fijian reef waves. You generally ride em about 2" shorter and 1" wider but they are all still totally customised so best to chat with me about your individual needs so we can get the dimensions spot on for you...

Click the pic below to watch the shaper discuss the Quadfather.

How we make each one different

This Quadfather is 6'0" x 19 3/4" x 2 9/16", designed to suit a surfer who weighs approx75 - 80kg. The round tail-quad fin combo is great and is by far the best combination for surfers coming off a thruster to a quad as the planshape, rocker, bottom contours, and my chosen fin placement create more pivot than most quads while still retaining the extra drive and hold that 4 fins give, so the end result is a manouverable board that is fater and holds in great...

This next Quadfather board was custom designed for a guy who surfs quite well but had never really got into quads. He rides alot of different shapes but this was designed to be a bit of an all-rounder for him . He surfs Lennox and Ballina area mostly so I had to shape it to surf well in long point waves but also in hollow beachies too, here's what we came up with...

- 6'3" x 19 1/2" x 2 5/8"
- round tail , single to double concave, Quad fin ( obviously )
- M3's in front and G1000's in the tail

Quadfathers getting great feedback in solid waves-


Hi Mark ,

Recently purchased a 6,6 quad father of the shelf from Da Bomb ,as I was heading to
Fiji with the family and was severely under gunned for the conditions that were

In addition to the quick purchase I had never surfed a quad and didn't surf this
board before I left.

The board was fantastic very stable underfoot which I was thankful for and I was in
early ,upright and away ,which is great when the conditions were 6-10ft and very

It carried enough speed to get me through sections I would normally have missed on
my normal board and held high on the wave when it was required.

I surfed predominately Wilkes ,Namoutu lefts ,Cloudbreak.

Received a lot of comments on the board and the way it reacted in these conditions
and have passed your name on to mates I was surfing with at the time.

I would like to have a chat about a smaller version custom built of the quad father
,primarily for the conditions on the Sunshine Coast ,between 2- 5 ft wave range
,after that I'm more than happy to bring out the big girl that served me so well in

Let me know rough price and info you require and I can get this together and send it
over ,email is the best way during the week.

This QF is 6'7" x 20" x 2 9/16", single to double concaves. This one has an additional fin plug so can be ridden as a thruster if you want but is designed to be ridden predominantly as a quad. It also has some carbon patches on the tail to strengthen it up for the customer who always seems to damage his boards in this area. This one was glassed a bit stronger as the customer requested, it has 1x 4oz, 1 x 6 oz deck and a 1 x 4 oz bottom...

This one was made for my son...It is 5'9" x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8" , rounded square-tail , single to double concaves... My son loves this board because it gives him plenty of floatation so he catches waves with ease and when he does he has plenty of speed and manouverability . The quads give you alot of drive and hold as well as being super fast....The extra area in the QFs' planshape also make it stable underfoot so if you are sick of struggling on boards that are too unstable and you want to get on something that is fast, manouverable, great to paddle, lets talk , the Quadfather might just be the one to get you stoked on surfing again...


Steve Shearers' review of his Quadfather

The harmfulness of religion has long since been demonstrated and proved....but despite that I have to profess a now undying faith in the properties of the round-tailed quad.....sub sp. McKee set-up.

Mark made me a 6'3" QF which proved to be a sterling all-rounder that came to life in the upper end of it's wave range (2-6ft).

He made me two more: a new 6'3" with a slightly more refined foil for good surf and a 6'0" for smaller surf. It is the 6'0" to which I direct the following comments.

The board is very easy on the eye, especially the template curve and fits nicely under the arm; the rocker curve and rail shape feeling as pleasing as the curves of a young filly(such as I remember them to be, otherwise as cherry as my gorgeous wife).

The board surfs like it's bigger brother, which is to say, sure-footed, drivey and responsive. Mark's put more rail edge in the back half of the board so there's more release in the lip; it drives off the bottom and hooks a very tight turn from all manner of angles in the lip. It's easy riding high performance. Like all quads, it feels faster.
It carves harder.

There's more lift and drive back in the engine room compared to a thruster, less drag from the centre fin and way more control and hold than a twin fin.
Way more.

In 2-4ft pointbreak surf this board has stripped 15 yrs off my surfing life. Actually, I feel better on this board than I did at 25. Mckee quads reward surfing skills with reflexes perhaps declining with age; they give you back speed and time and control.

I've had some hand-foiled fibreglass fins made for this board (M3 and K2.1 fronts and G1000 rears) and that has just added so much extra life to the performance of this board. It's super easy to dial the fin set-up to suit your tastes.

I haven't got photes of the board being surfed but this is the kind of surf it's been out in.

These things are bloody unreal.

Here is a bit of footage of his 2nd surf on the new Quadfather...