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The Fat-Beaver is pretty much a Fat-Bat but with a round tail and a little MORE tail rocker. I found people were hesitant to get a bat-tail because the sharp tips looked dangerous and also the tips might get chipped off ( but I ensure extra glass goes on the bat tips and they are really strong ), and I had made a few round tail version with great feedback, so it is now a part of the range. It has all the same attributes as the Fat-Bat, like stability, good paddling, easy planing due to the fuller nose and forward wide point, good drive and surprising performance and manouverability but the tail has been pulled in slightly and the curves flow into a nice round tail. So its a stable semi-fish type shape while trimming but once you wanna turn off the back section of the board, it turns like a shortboard, almost cheating really.... I have been adding a little extra tail rocker too for even tighter turns and additional pivot. Most are still quads but been doing a few thrusters too and customers are frothing over them, its been one of my top sellers recently even before I have put it on the site as part of my range. These are generally ridden about the surfers own height, but the better the surfer and the MORE radical and critical you wanna get, the shorter you go, and if you want a smoother cruisier ride, we go a bit longer, but ideally, lets chat and work out exactly what size beaver you need...Available in epoxy also for an even lighter, stronger and lighter bit of beaver.....

The Fat Beaver